Color of Saffron: STAUB 22cm

I don’t like shopping really.  No, let me rephrase that.  I do not like shopping except for books, grocery and kitchen tools.

Yesterday, this little but heavy box arrived at my cube at work.  I tried so hard not to show my excitement.  But it was really hard, Oh My God.  It was my Staub pot!  When I decided I was going to get rid of all tools, pots and pans that I was not in love with last year, I especially started to invest in pots and pans.  I contemplated for a LONG time, like 8 months.  Which one was better for me to get, Staub or Le Creuset (I am a thinker, what can I say)?  Finally I decided to get Staub and my first pot was Grenadine Round Cocotte 28cm.  It was a significant decision and I enjoy cooking even more because of Staub.  It is cast iron pot and it is heavy but what I love about this pot is the lid.  The lid closes very tightly and steams inside really well with small amount of water.  Let’s say you are cooking winter vegetables, it usually takes a long time to cook them because they tend to be dense.  Because of the tight lid closure, it cooks with small amount of water, which means that it cooks with water that vegetables contain, therefore it has a stronger flavor.  Also these dimples in the lid.  Whoever thought about these is genius.  My hat’s off to that genius.  Here is why. Those dimples circulates water inside of pot and has a basting effect.


I do have an emotional connection to this series.  This my 3rd Staub and this is just gorgeous. There are so many things I want to cook.  This a damn good problem to have.

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