A Well Read Woman: and Well Traveled Women

I love books so I read a lot.  I love traveling and I get out there a lot. When I was about half of my current age, I was traveling through Thailand.  I was dirty, filthy and broke.  I was hungry.  At one point, a  well-dressed Caucasian couple threw a can of cat food atContinue reading “A Well Read Woman: and Well Traveled Women”

Powder (Power) of Love: Packed Lunch

12-hours a day.  Once in a while I had to work that long but I havn’t really since moving to the States (in Japan yes, it’s a norm).  Recently I have been working 12 hours a day almost every day.  I am a very healthy person but I feel drained and bone-tired. Last night, IContinue reading “Powder (Power) of Love: Packed Lunch”

Reminder of the Day: My Thought Exacly

Racists are a problem White people are not Homophobes are a problem Straight people are not Transphobes are a problem Cis people are not Sexists are a problem Men are not And most importantly, hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender makes you a fucking asshole (source: http://egalitarianyellowfang.tumblr.com/) Yep.  Can’tContinue reading “Reminder of the Day: My Thought Exacly”

Get The Sand Out!: The Ocean Stew

Ocean.  Waves, salty water, sand, surfboards, ocean smells, sunset…I love the ocean.  I like lakes, rivers, mountains but I love the ocean.  The ocean and I have a very personal relationship.  It’s deep.  Ocean produce seafood, especially shellfish…my love.  There’s only one downside of shellfish.  Picture this; you have this gorgeously prepared plate with allContinue reading “Get The Sand Out!: The Ocean Stew”

Not-so-lovely Saturday: Self Acceptance

Today’s (or my lifetime) goal is “not to compare myself to others.” Sounds strenuous.  I think that is the root of all of my issues and baggage that I carry, which is constantly comparing myself to others and not accepting myself.  Other people have better personality, family, more money, popularity, leadership skills, more talented, areContinue reading “Not-so-lovely Saturday: Self Acceptance”

Seattle Food Icon: The Dish (no famous chef required)

There is something romantic about eating at a diner, especially at the counter. Drinking a very bad cup of coffee in a very thick unmatched ceramic mug.  The food is greasy and its portion is gigantic so it’s promising that you’ll get a huge gut-bomb even while you are eating.  You can easily find thoseContinue reading “Seattle Food Icon: The Dish (no famous chef required)”

Luner New Year: Komodo Dragon

On morning of Chinese New Year, what is the appropriate way to wake yourself up? Komodo Dragon, of course. Komodo Dragon is one of Starbucks’ core coffees. Rich, deep, dark. Also earthy spicy and kick. It will take you to Southeast Asia somewhere. You will feel like you are wondering around in the forest hearingContinue reading “Luner New Year: Komodo Dragon”

This Book Made Me Tired: Part II

読み終わった。時間とお金が少しもったいなかった気がする。読後感って大事だなあ。再度この作家の書いた本が読みたいって思えるかどうか、がかかってるんだもんなあ。世間評と選考委員評はすごいのだろう。性格に合う合わないがあるように、本と読み手の相性もあると思う。だから、この本は私と合わなかっただけだろう。 さ、これから帰って、Pretty in Pinkでも観て、頭を空っぽにしよう。それで、自分の本棚にある、大好きな本を読んで週末をはじめよう。

Yakimochi: Grilled Rice Cakes

Tonight was one those nights that I didn’t want to slice or cut anything.  Basically I didn’t want to “cook.”  The fact is I am hungry, so I decided to make myself “yakimochi (grilled rice cakes)”  Yaki means grilled and mochi means rice cakes, as you might have guessed it. I used to grill mochiContinue reading “Yakimochi: Grilled Rice Cakes”