My Kind of Meditation: Coffee, Cream and Sugar

When I feel like this (oh, life is so hard). I translate my body is asking for some happiness injection.  Gentle sugar intake.  I barely use sugar when I drink coffee since I want to enjoy pure flavor and taste of coffee beans but sometimes what you need is good quality sugar and happy cowContinue reading “My Kind of Meditation: Coffee, Cream and Sugar”

Luner New Year: Komodo Dragon

On morning of Chinese New Year, what is the appropriate way to wake yourself up? Komodo Dragon, of course. Komodo Dragon is one of Starbucks’ core coffees. Rich, deep, dark. Also earthy spicy and kick. It will take you to Southeast Asia somewhere. You will feel like you are wondering around in the forest hearingContinue reading “Luner New Year: Komodo Dragon”

Meet Riley: Starbucks Flat White Expert

Archie is a beer snob. He also is a coffee snob.  Other than those 2 departments, he is not snob.  Before we became friends, I was already a coffee snob.  Starbucks coffee, really?  It’s a chain just like McDonald, right?  That was our attitude before I actually started working for this company.  I have toContinue reading “Meet Riley: Starbucks Flat White Expert”

Liberal Arts: Worth Every Penny

If you are a book nerd, this is a great place to fall in love with another book nerd. Below is my favorite movie dialogue from “Liberal Arts”  I thought that creators of this movie examined inside my head.  This movie is full of stuff that I love about life such as coffee, books, travel,Continue reading “Liberal Arts: Worth Every Penny”

Coffee Fixes Everything?: Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba does

My morning was interesting.  Well, it was not interesting, it was actually bitter start. Coffee.  Yes, coffee is needed for this kind or morning or any kind of morning.  Our office building has a few Clover® machines. The very first thing I do every morning is to go to 9th floor and make myself aContinue reading “Coffee Fixes Everything?: Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba does”

Seattle Winter Blues: Convoy Coffee has a solution for you

I do not want to see anyone, do not talk to anyone, do not want to do anything for anyone.  I just want to eat, read, hang out with my dog and drink coffee.  That’s it.  That’s all I want to do, kind of like hibernating.  Wait…coffee? We are lucky, we really are.  We haveContinue reading “Seattle Winter Blues: Convoy Coffee has a solution for you”

1970 Hacienda Alsacia : First Crop

Floral, fruit, chocolate, sweet & sugary, nut, grain, roast, spice, savory, herb, earthy, vegetal. What do you think I am talking about?  These words are commonly used to describe flavor of coffee.  You can dig deeper if you want to.  For instance, let’s talk about coffee tastes like “chocolaty.”  Chocolaty could be categorized “cacao nibs,”Continue reading “1970 Hacienda Alsacia : First Crop”

Hey, you are late for 1 on 1 meeting with your boss: Anniversary

I thought I disliked surprises.  I found out today however that I enjoy them. Do you love coffee?  I sure do.  I love everything about coffee, smell, shape, different flavor and taste depending on regions, history, romance of preparing coffee…list goes on.  I work for this coffee company and every day and every hour, someoneContinue reading “Hey, you are late for 1 on 1 meeting with your boss: Anniversary”