Friday Night-out: feeding my soul

This is how I spend my Friday night, hanging out at ice cream shop.  And no, I am not ashamed of it especially when I found my dear friend, Ayako (she is BEAUTIFUL inside and out just to mention, and an artisan jam maker & florist)’s jam is featured at Molly Moon’s Ice cream ( which is my favorite ice cream shop in entire world.  Yes, better ice cream shops might exist, like Salt & Straw in PDX and LA or any gelato stores in Italy , but Molly Moon’s had me at hello and I don’t have any intention changing my love for that place.  Anyway, after watching this quirky, weird, and yet fantastic movie called “Ruby Sparks,” we were on a way to get a slice of Marion berry pie at High 5 Pie. Thank goodness, it was closed and here is why I said “Thank goodness.”  Well, we shifted a gear quickly and were headed to Molly Moon’s.  Then, what did I find there.  Ayako’s jam and even sundae called “Ayako Sundae.”  My heart swelled with the pride.


This gorgeous sundae made with Theo Chocolate ice cream ream, Chukah cherries, Theo Chocolate crumbs, and of course Ayako’s jam.  All ingredients are made in Washington State.  How cool (literally) is that.  This is one of awesome ways to spend freezing Friday night, I tell you.