Coffee Fixes Everything?: Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba does

Coffee Fixes Everything?:  Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba does

My morning was interesting.  Well, it was not interesting, it was actually bitter start.

Coffee.  Yes, coffee is needed for this kind or morning or any kind of morning.  Our office building has a few Clover® machines. The very first thing I do every morning is to go to 9th floor and make myself a delightful cup of coffee.  No sugar or milk is added in order to taste pure whole beans.  One of perks of working on a coffee team for a coffee company is the opportunity to taste millions of different coffees.  My favorite is Starbucks Reserve® Ethiopia Sun-Dried Yirgacheffe™ because this coffee gives you BAM!! blueberry smell when you open the bag and nice semi-sweet chocolate flavor.  What a romantic combination.

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Anyway,  Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba,  I detected light acidity in the back of my tongue and very mild and smooth bitterness spread in my mouth slowly.  This coffee also has a bright fruity note and some sort of herbal note.  I was trying to think of a good description and finally figured it out.  It is green apple (!) for fruity flavor and cedar wood for herbal note.  This is such a charming combination of note and flavor.  Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba has juicy entry and silky/smooth finish even though beans from Sumatra are very bold, almost chewy.  Because of the chewiness and density, I usually do not like Asian coffee, however, Sumatra Peaberry Lake Toba is the very first Asian coffee that I ever liked.  When enjoying this coffee, I was picturing myself sitting on swing in lightly humid but comfortable morning in early summer and enjoying sunrise.  I almost could see the moon fading and the sky turning from purple to deep pink to orange.

How can I carry on with the bitter morning start all day after this lovely cup of coffee.  You simply don’t.

I am a firm believer of this.  Coffee fixes everything.