Tender Heart Heals Your Broken Heart

I want that kind of face with a huge smile. I admire her gentle heart. Her smile reminds me of autumn sunset. Cindy was sitting and waiting for me to meet up for a coffee that morning. She was looking at her phone and reading something. Even from the distance, I could see her kindContinue reading “Tender Heart Heals Your Broken Heart”

Instant Antidepressant: Baby, it’s cold outside so let’s go out!

Watching the snow falling is one of the beautiful things in the world, but it is not really my favorite thing to do. It makes me feel a bit blue and depressed. I think it’s because I know this peaceful quietness would disappear very soon. Yesterday, Sunday November 5th 2017, it was a bit snowingContinue reading “Instant Antidepressant: Baby, it’s cold outside so let’s go out!”

Happy Weekend Eve: Friday

I don’t like Wednesdays because it feels like my week lasts for eternity.  I don’t mind Mondays and my favorite is Friday eve (=Thursday).  Usually I am exhausted on Fridays and all I want to do Friday evening is to vegetate but it is fun to think that the weekend is coming soon. So, hereContinue reading “Happy Weekend Eve: Friday”

Story of Shotgun Trip to Seoul & Tokyo: over Via Tribunali in Georgetown

March 12 Thursday         left Seattle March 13 Friday               arrived Gimpo Airport, Seoul, South Korea March 14 Saturday          flew from Seoul to Haneda,Tokyo attended concert of this Jin YiHan dude in the afternoon in Shibuya, Tokyo flew back to Seoul from Tokyo in the evening March 15 Sunday             Facial, city tour, massage, body scrub, shopping inContinue reading “Story of Shotgun Trip to Seoul & Tokyo: over Via Tribunali in Georgetown”

Alphabet Questions: T-Z (Y: crying is good for you)

T – Time you woke up?:  2:30 U – Umbrella color?:  blue V – Very best friend?:  Archie who is currently suffering from allergy W – Which celebrity I’d marry?:  Jimmy Fallon X – X rays I’ve had?:  chest Y – Your last time you cried?:  Today.  I was reading this Japanese book and thisContinue reading “Alphabet Questions: T-Z (Y: crying is good for you)”

My Favorite Travel Memory: Bali Airport

France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, United States…travel is one of my passions.  If someone paid me to travel and eat, I would do it in a heartbeat.  There are so many happy moments, sad and difficult times and challenging moments throughout my trips.  I love every county I’ve ever beenContinue reading “My Favorite Travel Memory: Bali Airport”

Happy Meal: Sunday Brunch at Sitka & Spruce

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”  Whoever said this, gets my respect automatically. My favorite meal is brunch on Sundays.  Not Saturday, not holiday brunch.  It must be Sunday brunch.  My work starts Monday so Sunday is the day I recharge and rejuvenate my body and soul so that I can tackleContinue reading “Happy Meal: Sunday Brunch at Sitka & Spruce”

A Well Read Woman: and Well Traveled Women

I love books so I read a lot.  I love traveling and I get out there a lot. When I was about half of my current age, I was traveling through Thailand.  I was dirty, filthy and broke.  I was hungry.  At one point, a  well-dressed Caucasian couple threw a can of cat food atContinue reading “A Well Read Woman: and Well Traveled Women”

Merry-Go-Round Life: Sending Aloha from Seattle

Sometimes it happens.  Your gut is telling you to do something right now.  That was me in April 2010.  I moved back from Atlanta, GA in November, 2009 with all these boxes and mental baggage. All of a  sudden, 5 months later, I felt an urge to reach out to her. So I did.  TheContinue reading “Merry-Go-Round Life: Sending Aloha from Seattle”