Tender Heart Heals Your Broken Heart

I want that kind of face with a huge smile. I admire her gentle heart. Her smile reminds me of autumn sunset. Cindy was sitting and waiting for me to meet up for a coffee that morning. She was looking at her phone and reading something. Even from the distance, I could see her kindContinue reading “Tender Heart Heals Your Broken Heart”

Today’s Happy Thoughts: My Favorite Things

I saw someone was writing what 5 thing that make her happy on her blog.  I was inspired by her and here are 5 things make me happy at this moment, 10:56am on April 7th Tue (it changes slightly & often J) The fact that my longtime friend Rika will be joining me in KyotoContinue reading “Today’s Happy Thoughts: My Favorite Things”

Being Authentic vs. Being an Ass: What Does it Mean to “BE” Yourself?

(http://brendonburchard.tumblr.com/post/114912499013/can-authenticity-suck) I found this post through my Tumblr. and it was so fascinating to me.  Especially because I grew up in a culture where you don’t showcase who you really are.  I always had a hard time to understand what “being yourself” really means.  I have to admit I sometimes misunderstand being authentic from beingContinue reading “Being Authentic vs. Being an Ass: What Does it Mean to “BE” Yourself?”

La Belle Epoque: Sunday Treat

Ayako was making fun of my homebody-ness today at her store, Marigold and Mint. It is taxing for me to work with bunch of people in so many different level during weekdays so I limit my weekend just to see very few close friends.  I sometimes don’t even see anyone but Archie. Sunday started withContinue reading “La Belle Epoque: Sunday Treat”

Complicated Times: Simple Reminder

All I need is a very simple reminder when it feels like my life is getting complicated. WAKE UP – yes, I did that.  I got out of the bed this morning.  Barely, but I did it. KICK ASS – I am not sure I did kick ass truly but at least I tried. REPEATContinue reading “Complicated Times: Simple Reminder”

Lazy Blue Sunday: Raining Too

It is raining in Seattle.  I actually get so relieved when I hear sound of the rain.  This one tiny little thing has been bothering me for a while so I decided to have a very lazy Sunday.  Pajama all day Sunday.  My quality life however can’t be affected so I had: Starbucks Kenya AlmondContinue reading “Lazy Blue Sunday: Raining Too”

No Word Expresses: Sept 5th, 1992

Gainesville, Georgia on September 5th, 1992. Millions of emotions were going through out my body when I saw this photo.  This kid in the photo most likely doesn’t have any understanding of KKK or what his parents are doing.  He doesn’t see any difference between this African American State Trooper and him.  He doesn’t seeContinue reading “No Word Expresses: Sept 5th, 1992”

Who is Your Most Wonderful Friend?: Books

“Books are the most wonderful friends in the world. When you meet them and pick them up, they are always ready to give you a few ideas. When you put them down, they never get mad; when you take them up again, they seem to enrich you all the more.”-Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen They areContinue reading “Who is Your Most Wonderful Friend?: Books”

Alphabet Questions: M-S (especially R)

M – Most favorite book?:  Tokyo Bandwagon N – Nicknames?:  Mimi Gomez O – One wish?:  All animals get saved P – Person who texted me last?:  Vivienne Q – Question you’re always asked?:  Where did I put that? R – Reason to smile?:  Chocolate, my overweight chihuahua, many, many, many good books, Billie HolidayContinue reading “Alphabet Questions: M-S (especially R)”

730 Sq. of Freedom: Simple Living

This is the square footage of living space of my house.  Some people think it’s to0 tiny and wonder how I live in it.  I am a 5’-2 Asian woman so my house is the perfect size for me.  I am a purger.  I’m always looking for something to donate or let go.  When IContinue reading “730 Sq. of Freedom: Simple Living”