Being Authentic vs. Being an Ass: What Does it Mean to “BE” Yourself?

( I found this post through my Tumblr. and it was so fascinating to me.  Especially because I grew up in a culture where you don’t showcase who you really are.  I always had a hard time to understand what “being yourself” really means.  I have to admit I sometimes misunderstand being authentic from beingContinue reading “Being Authentic vs. Being an Ass: What Does it Mean to “BE” Yourself?”

Sunday Bloody Mary: Terra Plata

That morning started off so dramatically with Hitomi’s homemade miso, all the food we ordered at Terra Plata ended up being a blur and not that impressive.  We ordered Steak and Salad with Chimichurri sauce and Tuna Nicoise Salad.  To be completely frank, I do not remember details of it.  If it was really bad,Continue reading “Sunday Bloody Mary: Terra Plata”

La Belle Epoque: Sunday Treat

Ayako was making fun of my homebody-ness today at her store, Marigold and Mint. It is taxing for me to work with bunch of people in so many different level during weekdays so I limit my weekend just to see very few close friends.  I sometimes don’t even see anyone but Archie. Sunday started withContinue reading “La Belle Epoque: Sunday Treat”

Chickpea Journey: to Japanese Homemade Miso

She is very intelligent, creative, sweet, classy and smart.  She grew up in Hiroshima in Japan and teaches Japanese at private elementary school in Seattle.  I met her for the first time through our mutual friend about month ago.  We hit it off right away and her stories sounded so interesting to me.  She mentionedContinue reading “Chickpea Journey: to Japanese Homemade Miso”

Guilt Free, Calorie Free (not quite but still): Quinoa Salad

After eating “dirty chips” (it’s basically nachos.  Potato chips are used instead of corn chips with pull pork, gorgonzola cheese and BBQ sauce) at Maison Tavern (nothing to mention here…I am not a big fan of this place) last night, my stomach has not been happy.  It was too late to regret it when IContinue reading “Guilt Free, Calorie Free (not quite but still): Quinoa Salad”

60-degree weather:  Il Corvo, Pioneer Square, Seattle

This place seats 38 people.  You share your table with strangers.  It only opens 4 hours a day from 11am.  It’s jam packed and you feel like canned anchovy.  They only serve 3 kinds of pasta with a few kinds of appetizers. No desserts, no after lunch coffee.  The line gets long at 11:10am.  TheyContinue reading “60-degree weather:  Il Corvo, Pioneer Square, Seattle”

Rika’s Asparagus vs. Dad’s Asparagus: It’s Spring!

My mom sucked at cooking asparagus.  It’s more like my dad actually.  He liked vegetables well done (ugh) and she cooked them the way he liked.  I didn’t questioned why my dad liked vegetables cooked that way but I never liked it.  He almost eats anything raw.  Fish, beef, chicken, beans and so forth.  IContinue reading “Rika’s Asparagus vs. Dad’s Asparagus: It’s Spring!”

Story of Shotgun Trip to Seoul & Tokyo: over Via Tribunali in Georgetown

March 12 Thursday         left Seattle March 13 Friday               arrived Gimpo Airport, Seoul, South Korea March 14 Saturday          flew from Seoul to Haneda,Tokyo attended concert of this Jin YiHan dude in the afternoon in Shibuya, Tokyo flew back to Seoul from Tokyo in the evening March 15 Sunday             Facial, city tour, massage, body scrub, shopping inContinue reading “Story of Shotgun Trip to Seoul & Tokyo: over Via Tribunali in Georgetown”

Maria Kotchetkova: Celebrate with Soy & Honey Grazed Chicken

This is only my opinion but Maria Kotchetkova is one of the most beautiful human beings alive in today’s world.  She’s a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet Company.  As I am writing right now, I can barely contain myself because of my over excitement of joy I set my alarm to wake upContinue reading “Maria Kotchetkova: Celebrate with Soy & Honey Grazed Chicken”