Transformation of Two Beloved Birds: Road to Pho Ga from Free-Range Farm

So, there were two chickens, running around a field.  Being outside, eating healthy food and getting exercise builds nice muscles, especially on their thighs.  Also, with them running around freely, it makes them stress-free.  Well, maybe not completely “free” from stress but they have way less stress than caged ones.


Those 2 birds ended up at my house and my dear friends and I enjoyed tasting them so much.  I oven-roasted them with winter vegetables (blogged on 1/17) and also consumed 4.5 bottles of red wine as well.  Next morning, as you can guess, we were not as happy as the night before due to dehydration and headache.  What does Asian mother say when you have hangover?  “Eat your noodle soup!” or “Eat your miso soup!” or “What an idiot!” I decided to follow my mom’s voice.  Noodle soup!


Let’s use those birds then.  Carcasses into pot and shimmer for an hour, then add Royal Boat brand fish sauce and fresh squeezed lime juice.  There soup is ready.  Then cook rice noodle and add to the soup. Garnish with cilantro and grated yuzu (glorious Japanese citrus: on top.  After this, my hangover is magically gone because of togetherness of umami from chicken, tanginess of lime, saltiness of fish sauce, freshness of cilantro, then with delightful, sweet and tender aroma of yuzu.  Flat rice noodle is well coated with this simple yet magnificent soup.  Nothing was left in my bowl, not even a drop of the soup.

Thank you, healthy chickens.  Because of you, I am getting right amount of protein, ready to build nice muscles and I feel “cage-free” from the crappy headache.

2 thoughts on “Transformation of Two Beloved Birds: Road to Pho Ga from Free-Range Farm

  1. One of the best parts of roasted chicken is the soup the next day. I have been wanting to try yuzu. Can never find it in my local grocery. Have to find an Asian market.

    1. Soup next day is awesome isn’t it?? Yuzu is also wonderful but it is so hard o find it in the U.S. Where I grew up, there was yuzu tree in the front yard. I truly miss it. I hope you get to taste yuzu soon!

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