730 Sq. of Freedom: Simple Living

This is the square footage of living space of my house.  Some people think it’s to0 tiny and wonder how I live in it.  I am a 5’-2 Asian woman so my house is the perfect size for me.  I am a purger.  I’m always looking for something to donate or let go.  When I buy one clothing item, for example, I donate at least 2 items.  One pair of shoes purchased, one old pair will go.  I have 2 things I dislike in the world, life drama and “stuff.”  I don’t like to have lots of thing and I don’t like things filling up my personal space.

There is this house.  A big house.  Maybe 4-person family plus one friendly Labrador living in that house.  The house has a 3-car garage but it seems like  only 2 people in that household can drive, husband and wife.  Kids are maybe like 4 and 6 years old.  The 2 cars that they own are always parked on the street.  One day, a garage door was open when I was out walking my dog and I saw that garage was full of “stuff.”  I mean it was PACKED.  This is actually what I saw in Atlanta.  The big house was right next to mine.  Do they even need that many items?  It seems like it was almost impossible for them to take stuff out because it was SO packed.  You buy a bigger house because you are running out of space to put your stuff?  I really do not see the point in that.

I don’t get indecisive on what to wear to work in the morning because I only own what I wear.  I don’t worry about which purse I use today because I only have one laptop bag.

I do like a very simple life.  I don’t like to complicate things (because I am a complicated person).  I don’t call myself a complete minimalist but my wish is to lead a minimal life.  Food, books, my dog, handful of precious friends, music and travel.  That’s all I need to complete my life.  If someone tells me “you need to move to Thailand tomorrow”, the things that I would bring are my overweight Chihuahua, Archie, my favorite book, and my passport and I will say “let’s go!”

Like Oscar Wiled said, “With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”  He is genius, right?

2 thoughts on “730 Sq. of Freedom: Simple Living

  1. I appreciate your comment that you don’t like to complicate things because you are a complicated person. I think sometimes overdone materialism can be the way some people avoid facing their complicated humanity.

    1. It took a long time for me to be able to admit that I am a complicated person because somewhat I thought I should be a simple minded person. But as soon as I realize I am complicated, my life started to become less complicated. I don’t know that makes sense to you but I kind of like it that way. Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I hope you had a nice weekend.

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