Seattle Winter Blues: Convoy Coffee has a solution for you

Seattle Winter Blues:  Convoy Coffee has a solution for you

I do not want to see anyone, do not talk to anyone, do not want to do anything for anyone.  I just want to eat, read, hang out with my dog and drink coffee.  That’s it.  That’s all I want to do, kind of like hibernating.  Wait…coffee?

We are lucky, we really are.  We have quite a few neighborhood farmers markets all through the year just within city of Seattle. I go to U-District Farmers Market near University of Washington every Saturday Morning.  This farmers market has this Japanese farmer who grows and sells Japanese vegetables that you cannot buy at any other farmers markets or regular grocery stores.  Also U-Dist farmers markets seems to have more vendors and variety.  I love small vegetable farmers, butchers, fishermen, mushroomerries, bakers, beer brewers, tea makers, ginger-ale brewers, honey farmers, fermented food producers, poets with 1948 Royale typewriters are all together and showcasing their at-most quality produce (and poem) from all over Washington state.  Most importantly they are sharing their passion.

About a month ago, my nose was detecting something splendid, it’s called coffee at the market.  I approached them and started to talk about this coffee they were serving that day, “Ethiopian Wanago.”


It smelled just like strawberries!  That means these beans make a cup of coffee that I would love.  Lots of people tend not to like citrusy and fruity coffee but I do.  I am in love with it.  Their shop is called “Convoy Coffee,” they only offer pour over and aeropress.  No lattes, no caramel macchiato, no damn pumpkin spice latte.  Perfect.

When I woke up, I was feeling like I was a bear.  I just wanted to hibernate but I forced myself to get out of the bed and I headed down to the market even thought it was (of course) raining and chilly.  And these smiley people were making coffee by spreading their love and passion for coffee.  He knows what kind of coffee that I like so he recommended “Guatemala Hanapu” roasted by Kuma (means bear in Japanese.  Ha) Coffee in Seattle, WA.  I ordered a cup of aeropress.  The impressive acidity sits in the middle of tongue and spreads slowly.  It was a quintessential combination of acidity, mild bitterness, kindness, tenderness and joy.


Thank you Convoy Coffee, you took my hibernation desire away.  I will see you next Saturday.

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