If You Are So Brave: Natto Eating 納豆

If You Are So Brave:  Natto Eating 納豆

Fried eggs and bacon?  French toast with loads of syrup?  Steak and eggs?  Or Green eggs and ham? What Japanese people eat in the morning is a little different (we definitely read “Green eggs and ham”, but “I would not eat them here or there”).  What I grew up with, for example,  a bowl of rice, miso soup, grilled fish, homemade pickles, and seasoned vegetables.  This kind of meal however takes time and preparation.  When I want to energize quickly in the morning, this is what I have;  natto over rice. Carbs give you energy as you know.  But what is Natto?  Natto is fermented soybeans in short.  Yogurt, vinegar, pickles, kimchi, miso, sourdough bread (gasp!), kombucha, wine (what?), Worcestershire sauce, cheese to name a few.  Natto is in the same family.  Like cheese, it has a STRONG smell and taste like…hmmm…natto?  It also has a slimy texture.  You simply add a bit of soy sauce (my dad’s favorite) or sweet soy which is my favorite then mix really well to make it even more slimy.  Then add natto on top of warm, well-prepared rice and start eating.  It contains fiber, vitamins, and iron so it’s nutritiously rich.  I grew up with this and it is on my long list of Soul Food dishes. You can do this.  Yes, it is slimy and it is smelly.  But you eat okra and you also love cheese, right?  It’s not far from it.  There is always a first time.  This will change your perspective on eating.  Completely.  If you want to experience that, I recommend for you to at least try it.  And I will salute you for your bravery. By the way, my mom will give you crap though.  She hates natto.